Fu Industries Co Ltd   - Details
We are an chinese glove manufacture under Zhejiang Textiles Group company.We are producing all kids of gloves such as:string knit work glove,magic glove,leather work glove,dress glove,golf glove,ski glove,etc... All products are produced under strict standard of quality control, and constant research and development ensures that you are getting the latest productsproduced with the most advanced and cost effective technologie

Jiaxing Fulijia Textile And Dyeing Co., Ltd.   - Details
Dear Sir or Madam: We are professional production woolen yarns, acrylic yarn with mix the enterprise of yarn, have are also each kind of yarn dyed. We produce yarn major for weave woolen sweater, few weave carpet and blanket. Our annual output is 1500T, kind include the pure woolen yarn and wool/acrylic fine blending yarn of various specifications, pure fine acrylic yarn, existing product specifications have branch companies. You certain can earn good money. Best Regards

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