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Original territory of Hungary! Moonshades goes into Alpha version 4!
Hey folks. Giving you a heads up of some of the improvements and changes in the game:
- a whole new atmosphere, thanks to the new textures and lighting effects.
- a full set of skill animations and so and effects.
- several improvements in the user interface.
- a load of new items
Check us out here: Moonshades    

Take a look at!

For all the dungeon crawler enthusiasts, there is a map editor in progress. It will give you access to a lot of neat features, so you can create your own deadly dungeon and share it with your friends. And remember, we will gladly take any tips or constructive criticism in consideration, so feel free to tell them. Lastly, we are feeling really good about the progress, that has been made today, especially because we were accepted to Chrome Experiments.
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