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Church of Pilis

Suggestion to the Hungarian investment.

Invest in Hungary!
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That's why now one of the best times invest to the region of Pilis. Clik here!Invest your money in PILIS!

  • This region of Pest county is the place where is not enough job opportunity. Majority of the people are working in Budapest.
  • In near of region may be not found any Industrial park.
  • The population is very big and people are very educated. They would like to work much rather nearer home than Budapest.
  • Educated and cheaper working power capacity means more profit.
  • The local government can give tax exemption for investing Companies.
  • PILIS has an enormous possibility:
    there is a place with very big stock, industry railway track, many farm-buildings, etc.,
    where you can reduce expenses of investment and increase the efficiency.

  With some 65,000 foreign companies now operating in the country, Hungary's desirability as an investment location is without question. In fact, Hungary received almost a third of all foreign direct investment in central and eastern Europe.
U.S. companies are Hungary's biggest investors, having injected approximately $14 billion.

Investment moves in Hungary usually take one of four forms: establishing a new, or greenfield, business; entering into a joint venture; obtaining equity in a state enterprise through a privatization tender; or making a portfolio investment or participating in a capital increase.
Hungary has the most and the best medical waters in the world.
The best thing is that PILIS also has spring of medical waters.

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